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We have teamed up with some of the best professional scottish musicians in the Highlands to give you 3 great ceilidh options for your evening reception!

Option 1: Tom Cruickshank

Option 1: Tom is a seasoned professional and regularly travels the world to play his accordion! He is great at getting guests up on the dancefloor with his cheeky sense of humour and well known tunes! Despite this option only having one instrument, Tom has a massive sound and can easily fill some of the largest venues. 

Option 2: Full Tilt Ceilidh Band 

Option 2: The Full Tilt Ceilidh Band Duo consists of two professional musicians, Irene on Fiddle and Jess on Keys. Irene and Jess are both incredible players who are experienced in all kinds of events including festivals, weddings and parties. Irene is an excellent dance caller and can give your guests a helping hand in remembering how to do all the Scottish dances! 

Option 3: Highland Fire Ceilidh

Option 3: Highland Fire Ceilidh! This option also consists of two professional trad musicians. You may recognise some of these band members from the Trad/Folk group Hò-rò , who can be seen at festivals and events all over Scotland! Highland Fire Ceilidh also offer dance calling, so you've no need to worry if your guests need to brush up on their Scottish dances!

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